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I <3 korean!

Mikasa cosplay ^^

Polymer clay Update!
Chibis from Kill la Kill
Inumuta &amp; Mako &lt;3
Polymer Clay Update!

Shingeki no kyojin live action actors wait, IS THAT CATO?


Shingeki no kyojin live action actors

Polymer Clay Update!
Chocolates box &lt;3
(I&#8217;ve followed a tutorial on youtube)
Well, I&#8217;m planning to cosplay MIkasa, but I still don&#8217;t have the wig, so..I&#8217;ve tried a random Mina Carolina cosplay (I don&#8217;t know if it is just me, but I always thought she looks like me a little).
Moreover, I&#8217;ve tried my new gray lenses on..I think they&#8217;re cute &lt;3
Polymer Clay Update!
My new obsession..Shingeki no Kyojin! So I wanted to make the Chibis&#8230;for now, I have made Mikasa, Bertholdt and the Stationary Guard&#8217;s Emblem. 


Character: Orihime Inoue

Manga/Anime: Bleach

PH: Danilo Olivieri Photographer

Hi everyone!! I just came back from Lucca Comics and Games 2013!!

It was AMAZING. I’m going to post the photos I’ve taken (and the ones that photographers took to me). Here there are just a few..in one of them I’m cosplaying Rukia from Bleach ^^ 

(Photo taken by M&M photography)

Polymer Clay Charms again…

It’s the first time that I use wrappers’ miniatures with the clay…but I’m quite satisfied :D As you can see, I made some Chocolate Factory themed charms and some snacks…I’m gonna make more of them in these days :)

Actually, I had some problems, because when i was glazing them, sometimes the paper became a bit discolored… Do you guys know a specific glaze for it? Can you give me some tips?